March 20, 2023

On a US Map With Abbreviations, are a shortened form of a printed term. On maps, abbreviations are used when there isn’t enough room to spell out terms, or when doing so would clog the map or otherwise detract from its aesthetic. Abbreviations are used to save space and time, to avoid repeating large words and phrases, and to simply adhere to standard practice.

US Map With Abbreviations

US Map With Abbreviations


Each state has a different abbreviation. CA stands for California, NY stands for New York, and TX stands for Texas. The United States consists of fifty states, a national capital, and a handful of overseas holdings and territories. Their names are typically truncated in written documents and in mailing addresses due to their length. Here we provide all USA states with abbreviations on the maps.

Map of the USA with State Abbreviations

Despite the fact that technology has made it simpler to communicate with friends and family, there are still times when you may wish to write a letter the old-fashioned way. You’ll need to use the relevant U.S. state abbreviations to ensure your letter reaches the correct destination in the United States.

map of usa with state abbreviations


The United States Postal Service has standardized all of these official state abbreviations (USPS). All state postal abbreviations consist of two letters, which are usually capitalized without periods. A list of conventional abbreviations used in different situations is also included.

us map with state abbreviations


Printable Map of USA States Abbreviations (US Map With Abbreviations)

Abbreviations are words or phrases that have been contracted or condensed by omitting letters or words. It’s occasionally necessary to distinguish between abbreviations and suspensions. States are commonly abbreviated when they appear in bibliographies, tabular content, lists, and mailing addresses. When a state name is followed by a zip code, the two-letter, no-period abbreviation should always be used (see below). These abbreviations are preferred by the US Postal Service.

us map abbreviations


Here is a map showing abbreviations with their list. They help to make manuscripts easier to read and comprehend. They also assist in attaining rigorous word-count requirements by eliminating word repetition and making the content easier to read. The first benefit is that they help you save time and space when writing. They’re also useful when you need to repeat a word numerous times in a sentence.

Labeled US Map with Abbreviations and State Names

Another advantage is that, even if we have truncated a term, the reader will always read the complete word. Each state has its own set of state abbreviations, which are used in written documents and mailing addresses. Before the two-letter postal codes became widespread, traditional abbreviations were used.

us map with states abbreviations


The abbreviations are still used in note-taking and text-writing on occasion. However, Alaska, Hawaii, Idaho, Iowa, Maine, Ohio, Texas, and Utah are never truncated in the text. That rule is simple to remember. Alaska and Hawaii, as well as states with five or fewer letters, are never shortened.

us state abbreviations map


When used as an adjective, the United States is abbreviated as the US, but it is usually written out in professional writing. Remove the periods to spell out the United States as the US in most cases, especially in informal writing. Abbreviations and symbols are used extensively on maps (see Map Symbols). Many abbreviations are believed to be common knowledge, even though most symbols are identified in the map legend or key.

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