March 25, 2023

ON US Area Code Map, over 300 area codes are assigned to specific areas in each state. The use of a map line to map US area codes is easy. The Bell System was the first to deploy area codes in the United States in 1947. An area code is a numbering method based on geographic location.

A numeric routing code (area code) is assigned to each plan area, which is placed before the telephone numbers assigned inside that region. An area code in the United States is a set of three-digit digits with a predetermined length.

US Area Code Map

US Area Code Maps


Area code Map of USA provides viewers with immediate location information. A three-digit area code map depicting the various geographical zones within the majority of US states is available. The only states with a single-digit area code are Delaware, Alaska, Idaho, Hawaii, Montana, North Dakota, South Dakota, Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont, Wyoming, Rhode Island, and West Virginia. Pennsylvania (16), Texas (24), and California are the three states having the most area codes in the United States (26).

Area code Map of USA


Printable Map of USA Area Codes ( US Area Codes Maps)

In the United States, area codes are not issued based on population. However, as the population grows by the day, places with greater populations demand more area codes than areas with lower populations. Here is a map showing US area codes. The United States area codes map is an interactive map that allows users to view information about each US state by clicking on it.

map of us area codes


The area codes assigned to specific areas in each state of the United States are depicted on a map of the United States. Long-distance calls are routed via regional codes, which are part of the telephone number. An area code indicates where in the United States a phone number is located. According to the North American Numbering Plan, the United States has around 320 area codes, including overlays (NANP). This number is, however, far from consistent.

us area codes map


The continental United States began with around 78 numerical plan areas in 1947 and quickly expanded in the late 1990s and early 2000s. Overlay area codes were created to provide more phone numbers in regions where there was higher demand.

Labeled Maps of Area Codes in the USA

The state of California has the most area codes (35), followed by Texas (27) and New York (21). (19). Area codes in the United States are assigned based on call volume, and area code mapping can provide a wealth of information about your data in a certain location. Here is a map of area codes in the United States.

Map of Area Codes in the USA


Area codes typically cover a greater geographic area than zip codes, allowing you to see demographics in a larger context. They can encompass entire cities, portions of cities, or states. People are increasingly identifying with their area codes and utilizing them as a measure of community pride, particularly in urban regions. With a map line, you can quickly generate an area code map US.

area code map us


With territorial mapping and analysis, you can gain new insights into your data. The Area Code Information reflects demarcated landline telecommunications boundaries across the United States. Area codes are covered, and information is updated on a regular basis to guarantee that it is very accurate and up-to-date.

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