February 3, 2023

The Blank Map of Vermont is presented to you here which is formatted for you to utile in your school or college assignments, for personal learning, and for research purposes. Vermont blank map is located in the northeastern state of the New England region( United States).

The state is known mainly for its forests and its beautiful natural landscape. The state covers an area of  24,905 km² with a population of 6.24 lakhs according to the 2019 census. If you are willing to learn more about this state and the locations then you can take the help of these maps for this purpose. 

Blank map of Vermont – Outline

The landscape of the state is covered by green mountains which is why the state is called the Green Mountain State. the Lake Champlain, the Hudson River, the Green Mountains, and Lake George are considered boundaries separating the states of Vermont and New York.

Blank Map of Vermont

The state of Vermont shares its borders with Canada and Quebec from the north, New Hampshire from the east, Massachusetts from the south, and New York from the west. These states and countries can be located on these blank Vermont printable maps so you will have a better idea about the location and the geographical territories of the states. 

Blank Vermont Map

Printable map of Vermont

The state is very famous for its maple syrup as it is the largest producer of the product in the country. Other than that the state is also famous for Vermont cheddar cheese, and the Ben & Jerry’s ice cream. The state’s climate is considered to be continental with warm summers and cold winters.

Printable Map of Vermont

Vermont is a maple state and the best time to visit the state is from May to June or in September, otherwise, it’s always the best time to visit the beautiful vintage state. Bartlett Falls, Bristol, and Balancing Rock, Mount Elmore are some of the best places to visit in the state of Vermont.

Printable Vermont Map

Transparent PNG Blank map of Vermont

Vermont Map Outline

Apart from the beautiful scenery, you can also study the geographical features of the state with these Vermont printable maps which are accessible to you on our website for which we charge you absolutely no cost. The maps are for study and research purposes and you can make a collection of them from here because here we are giving you maps of all the states of America so you do not have to hassle around finding the other ones. 

Blank Vermont map worksheet

There are many specific places in Vermont that can be marked and will be important to your study. The state is full of forest and green mountains, these mountains are some of the very famous places for hikers, so the direction is needed to visit them. This is mainly possible with the help of Vermont Blank map worksheets.

Blank Vermont Map Worksheet

Maps give you a sense of direction and you get to know the place in an in-depth way. If you will know about the geography of a place and you do not need to worry about getting lost or losing your direction, which will be possible if you use our worksheets of Vermont blank maps.

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