February 3, 2023

These are the Blank map of Texas available for the purpose of study and research. These maps will offer you territorial information about the state of Texas and also the neighboring states and regions. The state of Texas Blank Map is located in the South Central parts of the country of the U.S.

The area covered by the state is around 268,596 square miles and the Texas state Blank Map shares its borders with the Mexican states of Chihuahua, Coahuila, Nuevo León, and Tamaulipas from the south and southwest,  Louisiana from the east, New Mexico from the west, Arkansas from the northwest, Oklahoma from the north and from the southeast has the coastline with the Gulf of Mexico.

Blank Map of Texas – Outline

Blank Map of Texas

The state has a population of 29.1 million as per the 2020 census and which makes it the second-most populous state in the country and it is also ranked second in terms of the land covered by the state. The weather of the state is cruel and is well known for its hot and humid summers. Other than temperature, the state is also famous for its live music and BBQs.

Texas Map Outline

Apart from its name outlined blank map of Texas is also called The Lone Star State which comes from the history of the state. It reminded the state about its struggle, fight, and win over Mexico for freedom. The “Lone Star” is also can be seen in the national flag of the state.

Printable map of Texas

Blank Texas Map

Geographically the state of Texas Printable Map is very diverse, consisting of valleys, extinct volcanoes, canyons, and islands. Most of the plain parts of the state are near the coastal region of the state. The considerable land textures which can be found in the state are plains, hills, mountains, and plateaus.

Printable Map of Texas

If you are not a fan of heat and summers, but you still want to visit the state and want to enjoy your stay, then the best time of the year to visit the state is from March to April, which is the spring season. The weather is not too harsh and not too cold which is the best time for the outdoors.

Transparent PNG Blank map of Texas

Printable Texas Map

Now, if you are planning on visiting the state, then you should be well known for the directions and places in the state. On that aspect, these Texas maps PDFs will be helpful for you. You can have these maps in your backpack and will be able to locate where you want to go or where you are at the moment. Using maps also increases a person’s sense of direction.

Blank Texas map worksheet

You can download these blank worksheets of Texas maps on your portable devices such as mobile phones, tablets, etc. In that way, these are easy to carry with you and you do not need to handle any extra piece of paper in your hands.

Blank Texas Map Worksheet

But if you feel the need to have a hard copy of the map then you can easily print them out as they are printable and can be printed out on any type of printer.

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