March 25, 2023

Presenting here is the Blank map of South Carolina which is helpful for the student of geography and any person who is studying the field of geography. South Carolina Blank Map is a southeastern state of the country of the U.S. and it is known for its beaches and subtropical environment.

South Carolina Blank maps are available in different formats to you which you can choose from according to your preferences and needs. The state of South Carolina shares its borders with Georgia across the Savannah River from the southwest, North Carolina from the north, and the Atlantic Ocean from the southeast direction of the state.

Blank Map of South Carolina – Outline

Blank Map of South Carolina

The area covered by the state is 82,931 km² and it is number 23rd in the country in terms of population. The outline map of South Carolina state is also known as The Palmetto State which is given in honor of the Palmetto trees in the state.

Blank South Carolina Map

Although it is located in a coastline area, the state is hilly in its landscape which is gentler in the east and gradually increases in the west. Because of its location, the state’s weather is mostly subtropical and humid and beaches are the best destination for outdoor activities.

Printable map of south Carolina

Printable Map of South Carolina

If you are looking forward to visiting the Printable South Carolina state map then March to May are considered to be good seasons to visit, as the mild spring weather is hitting, the sun is not too bright and the days are just long enough so that you can enjoy your outdoor trip smoothly. Another time of the year can be September to October when the weather is not too cold.

Printable South Carolina Map

If you are someone who is studying the temperature and climate of a state or an area, you need to know that its location plays a very vital role in it. You should know about the location of the particular area you are doing your research in and for that, you will need a well-designed map.

Transparent PNG Blank Map of South Carolina

South Carolina Map Outline

Our maps are very well-formed and the borderlines are not smugged or blurred. The South Carolina maps PDFs available on our website are well-formatted and designed so that even if you will print them out their pixels will not be moved. You can also able to manage, in which format you want the map, you can either save them, or download them, and as I mentioned earlier, you can also print them as well if you need a hard copy of that.

Blank South Carolina map worksheet

If you are willing to learn about the state of South Carolina then these blank worksheets of South Carolina maps will offer you the right information and the right design that will be helpful to you in your studies or research. Not only of this state, but you can also find many other state maps as well of the country of U.S.A.

Blank South Carolina Map Worksheet

You can make a compilation of all the state maps so that you do not have to search for them every time you shift your study to a new state or look back to your previous work.

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