March 24, 2023

If you want to know about the geography and territorial boundaries then you can use the Blank Map of Ohio which will give you all the necessary information regarding this.

Ohio State Blank Map is located in the midwestern parts of the country and ranked number 34 as the largest area among all the fifty states in the country which is 116,096 km² and also the most populous state with a population of approximately 11.8 million making it to the rank of number 7 in terms of population among the most populous states in the United States.

Blank map of Ohio – Outline

Blank Map of Ohio

The geography of Ohio is very distinct and versatile, it includes plains, lakes, islands, rivers, caves, and rock bridges. You can know more about the state and its land reforms through the years by understanding the geography of the state.

Blank Ohio Map

If you are willing to study geography or if you are a geography student studying in the state of Ohio then our printable blank maps will help you in your study very well. These outline blank maps of Ohio will give you all the extensive information regarding the geographical features and boundaries of the state and the area surrounded by the state.

Printable map of Ohio

The state of Ohio is surrounded by Lake Erie from the north, West Virginia and Kentucky from the southeastern and south, Michigan from the northwest, Indiana from the west, and Pennsylvania from the east. These are all states and locations which can be marked on the map if you would also like to study the neighboring states and countries of the state of Ohio Printable Map.

Ohio Map Outline

The state of Ohio is also known as the Buckeye State because of a type of tree which is can be found near the Ohio river valley. 

Transparent PNG Blank map of Ohio

Printable Map of Ohio

The land in Ohio is very much fertile to grow corn thus making it one of the highest producers of corn in the country. The state is known for producing multi-colored corn and ranked at the top of the charts in terms of corn production in the country U.S.

Printable Ohio Map

However, the farming of corn is limited to some parts of the state and not throughout the area. You can identify these areas if you learn about the geography of the state. Our Ohio map PDFs will provide you with all the relevant information which will be beneficial to you in your research.

Blank Ohio map worksheet

Other than the landscape and its geographical features, Ohio is also known for its immense love for football. The American football league is itself discovered in the state of Ohio, so the love and support can be understandable.

Blank Ohio Map Worksheet

There is so much other interesting information regarding the state and you can continue your research with our printable blank worksheets of Ohio maps which are available on this website and can be downloaded, saved, and printed by any type of printer and from anywhere you want. We charge nothing in return and you will save yourself so much time and energy too.

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