March 24, 2023

A Blank Map of New York is available here which is a state of the U.S. located in the northeastern parts of the country. New York Blank Map is mainly known for New York City, also known as NYC, and Manhattan. New York state is boarded by Pennsylvania,  Vermont, Connecticut, Massachusetts, and New Jersey.

The total land area of the state is 783.8 km² with a total population of 1.95 crores, out of which one-fifth of the population lives in NYC. The main attraction of the state is the statue of liberty which is in the middle of the ocean within the territories of New York State.

Blank Map of New York – Outline

Blank Map of New York


Other than that, this state is also known as the Empire State, because of the Empire State building. Other tourist attractions are Central Park, Broadway, the Theater District, the Metropolitan Museum of Art, the 9/11 Memorial and Museum, etc. If you ever visit the state then these are some of the tourist attractions and places to visit in the state.

Blank New York Map


Outline Blank Map of New York City is the most populous city in the state, making people think that is the capital of the state but the capital is Albany.

Printable map of New York

Printable New York Map


These maps which we are providing to you are printable so you will be able to print them and use the hard copy of the map. However, you can also use the soft copy of the New York printable maps by simply downloading them or saving them on your portable devices such as mobile, tab, laptop, etc.

New York Map Outline


These are very useful for the students who are studying geography and need blank outline New York maps for their daily practice because we charge no fee on these maps so they will be affordable for students.

Transparent PNG Blank map of New York

You will save yourself a lot of time, money, and energy by using these New York maps PDFs as you do not need to draw them by your hand and if you are drawing them by hand, they will surely be mistaken and the lines will not be proper and aligned and the actual design may differ.

Printable Map of New York


All the PDFs of New York blank maps are available in one place so you do not need to go anywhere else as we are providing you all the maps in many formats, from PDF to png, you can choose whichever you need and download them accordingly in that format. 

Blank New York Map worksheet

Researchers can have them in their research collection for their research work which will be at one place. You can have all these benefits with these printable worksheets of New York blank maps which are available on our website. By using these maps, not only you will learn about the state you are studying but you will get to know about the neighboring states and countries also and which state or country they are sharing borders with or not.

Blank New York Map Worksheet


So, increase your knowledge in the subject of geography by using these blank maps.

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